Living Soils Symposium 2017 Videos


Don Tipping, founder of Seven Seeds Farms, spoke at LSS2017 about how we found ourselves in the modern day predicament of damaging agricultural practices and where we need to go from here.

Chris' founding process begins at @11:40 Chris Jagger is the founder of the Living Soils Symposium, an annual event to discuss philosophies, practices, and research on true organic methods of agriculture that build healthy soil food-webs.
Jaya Palmer works with Kis Organics out of Washington. At the LSS2017, Jaya shared his philosophies on running a regenerative business to empower the people and communities involved, drawing much of his belief from his study of ikigai. "Ikigai" is Japanese for "a reason for being", and has long been studied as a guide to live one's life.

Shane Young is the founder and owner of Natural Enemies, a company focused on providing natural solutions to pest control for agricultural and horticultural applications.
Greensource Gardens is an OMMP licensed producer in Oregon that cultivates cannabis using regenerative practices.

Matt Slaughter is the President of Earthfort, which provides soil biology inoculum, compost tea supplies, education, and lab services. At LSS 2017, he shared his knowledge on what's going on in the soils of non-regenerative and regenerative systems.

Josh & Kelly, founding owners of Dragonfly Earth Medicine, share their origins, philosophies, and practices from the regenerative, closed loop farm. Dragonfly Earth Medicine sells inoculum, ferments, and tea supplies on their website. DEM also offers a certification program known as DEM Pure.
Jesse Dodd, founder and creator of the conceptual art piece known as Biovortex, has been a regenerative cannabis farmer in Humboldt County, California since the 90's. One of the biggest voices in the regenerative cannabis movement, Biovortex aims to promote, establish, and spread regenerative systems across as many cannabis cultivation operations as possible.