Chris Jagger

Founder & President

Chris is owner/operator of Blue Fox Farm, a 40 acre organic vegetable farm in the Applegate Valley of southern Oregon. He is also owner/head consultant for Blue Fox Agricultural Services, a full service agricultural supply and consultation company focusing on ecological solutions for the modern farmer. Both his farm and his agricultural services use Living Soils as a foundation to scale farming operations efficiently and profitably.

He rounds out his involvement with the agricultural community by hosting the Living Soils Symposium each March. The symposium is an interactive conference for farmers, interested in regenerative farming techniques, to exchange knowledge and gain insight in a peer-to-peer environment.

Kris Taylor


Kris is a native of Dallas, Texas that graduated from Austin College with a degree in biology and a minor in environmental studies. 

He gained his first experience in the cannabis industry as a cultivation manager at Private Reserve Estate in Humboldt County, where he relied on his education as a biologist. He helped shift the farm to begin implementing more organic, regenerative, and permaculture-based protocols. 

He has been involved with the social media and event planning for the Living Soils Symposium since attending the first annual event. He owes much of his experience and direction in life to the people he has met through the Living Soil community.