The Living Soils Symposium

officially began its mission in February of 2015 with the first annual Symposium held in the Applegate Valley of Oregon. Our mission is simple:

To promote Regenerative, Living Soil practices in order to transform the face of modern industrial agriculture within our lifetime. 

Is it a large goal? Most definitely. Is it an impossible goal? Surely not. 

Goals as large as these require delegation and subdivision into more manageable chunks. That's where you come in. The Symposium is a Community coming together with a wealth of knowledge in order to speed up the process of transitioning from something wringing the Earth dry of her resources, to something Regenerative and Restorative for her ecosystems. We invite you to join this Community, to learn empowering Living Soil knowledge, and to be part of the change this Earth so desperately needs. 


At the Symposium we will cover a range of topics including:

Organic and Biodynamic Fertilization & Management

Closing the Input Loop on a Farm

Integrated Pest Management

Permaculture Techniques 

Remediation of Ecosystems

Compost Teas and Soil Foodweb 

Modern Farming Technology and Advancements